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Nanochem® Gas Purifier Request for Quotation
To best address your interests, please complete ONE form for each gas application. THANK YOU!


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Gas Purifier Application Information:


Gas or gas type to be purified  
Nominal flow rate (SLPM)  
Operating pressure (psig)  
Operational Demand, in Hours per Day  
Operational Demand, in Days per Week  
Desired replacement interval, in Months  
Acceptable pressure drop (psig)  
Configuration (In-line, A-Series, L-Series, etc)  
Is endpoint detection required  
Is a purifier by-pass manifold required  
Number of purifiers required  
Requested purifier delivery date  


Impurity Levels and Desired Endpoints:


Inlet Impurity Level Desired Outlet Level
Oxygen (O2)    ppm    ppb
Water (H2O)    ppm    ppb
Carbon Monoxide (CO)    ppm    ppb
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)    ppm    ppb
Other 1 (identify below)    ppm    ppb
Other 2 (Identify below)    ppm    ppb
Application Description and Impurity Details


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